General History

Social History

If you've been using the parish baptism, marriage and burial registers for your family history research, but would now like to explore the range of parish records more fully, this is the guide for you. A hugely useful book.

Family Tree

Looks at the different perspectives of those who have been involved in adoption, including the children, their birth relatives, the adoptive families and all the agencies and organisations concerned.

North Wales Pioneer

A hugely welcome guide to the history of sea travel from the passenger's point of view. Laden with descriptions of adventurous sea travel from the passenger's viewpoint, 'Voyages from the Past' is a must for fans of British sea travel. A well-assembled collection of first-hand accounts of sea voyage and a lovely read for those with seafarers in the family.

Your Family Tree

A great read for all those interested in the poetry that came from the blood soaked fields of WWI.

Skirmish Magazine

As featured on This is Local London website.

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