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101 Facts You Didn't Know About Space (ePub)

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By Mark Thompson
Imprint: White Owl
File Size: 64.7 MB (.epub)
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9781526744586
Published: 5th March 2020


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Did you know a compost heap generates as much energy as the Sun? Or that dung beetles use the Milky Way to navigate? Maybe you have not been into space but if you have then you will know that astronauts have feet as soft as babies! 101 Facts You Didn’t Know About Space takes you on a wild journey around the Universe bringing you facts galore. Whether you are a space enthusiast or a newcomer you will find plenty of facts in here to keep you amused and entertained.

‘101 Facts You Didn’t Know About Space’ is accessible and humorous, assuming no previous scientific knowledge and therefore ideal for a wide range of demographics. It would make for a great coffee table book, sure to spark conversation and to get people talking.

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Go For Landing

This book is a most fascinating and accessible read for all ages and people interested in space and astronomical matters.

The articles and illustrations are fascinating and the book can be delved into at any point. However, once started it is difficult to put down as each fact draws you into the next ‘must read’ subject.

While some of the facts may be well known to those interested in the subject, it is still good to read and appreciate them once again as the writing stile is accessible and the facts and insights are fresh, affording deeper understanding in a very well written way.

Peter Ashwell, Bedford Astronomical Society

It is a book older children and adults would both benefit from. There is plenty of depth to each of the facts, such an enlightening read that has a bit of humour too with facts children will find appealing.

The book was written by Mark Thompson an astronomer and science fan. It has lots of images to bring the facts to life. You might think a book about space could be quite a dry subject. However, the author manages to deliver a thoroughly entertaining reading experience from start to finish.

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Really Missing Sleep

It’s so good, the pictures are beautiful and it’s in good quality.

Amazon Customer, August 2020

Great coffee table book!

Amazon Customer, June 2020

Bought 4 copies! Inspiring friends and family to take an interest. An excellent book giving excellent facts and information for anyone at any level of interest in ‘Space’. Superb pictures and associated facts that are written to spark your interest and answer fully the questions raised. Who doesn’t want to know why an astronaut can’t burp in space?! A must for all ages. Fun and informative.

Amazon Customer, April 2020

This book is a lovely read, it holds enough explanation for those new to astronomy yet still has enough for those more experienced readers to sink their teeth into. The layout is clear and each fact has a little tag line which summarises the details below in a quirky way.

The images in this book are breathtakingly beautiful and show a combination of Mark's own photography and others such as NASA.

My plan was to read and learn one of the 101 facts a day, which is easier said than done because I had ploughed through 12 facts in my first sitting without realising. This book lives in my handbag and I pull it out whenever I have a spare moment as it is so easy to dip in and out of if needed, I even share facts with my class of 6 year olds at work, which they love.

However you choose to read this book, you will not be disappointed.

Amazon Customer, April 2020

Featured in

Norfolk magazine, July 2020

Mark Thompson created an interesting read, which includes lots of beautiful images for the eyes to enjoy as well. The title is no lie: I learned many new facts and was happily amazed all throughout the book. Would recommend to anyone interesting in expanding their knowledge!

NetGalley, Kitty Verduin

Page through the book and you'll be astonished by some of the gorgeous photographs that illustrate it. And you'll learn a lot about astronomy, physics, space exploration and why it's hard to have sex in zero gravity... There's a lot to learn about the universe, and 101 Facts You Didn't Know About Space will get you started in an entertaining but informative way.

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I love the randomness of this book!

I also love the sense of humour within the facts too; humour is a brilliant way to impart knowledge because you’re more likely to retain it that way and Thompson brings it in bucket loads.

Each fact is laid out on up to two pages packed with information and stunning photographs to enhance it.

From facts that would entertain a child like, ‘Astronauts cannot burp in space’ to some a little more useful like, ‘There are thousands of plants beyond our solar system’, there’s really plenty to keep even the most curious mind occupied and entertained.

Top marks to Thompson for both the facts and the humour in which he relays them.

Thoroughly recommended!

For the Love of Books

Mark Thompson's brilliant book takes us on a journey through space, exploding a huge number of myths and misconceptions, including one about "super moons", which I still don't fully understand, but as I have years in which to get my head round it, I'm not bothered at the moment! Containing stunning images of the planets of our Solar System and of galaxies and interstellar objects, this is the most fascinating book about space I have ever read. The beauty of it is that you can read a fact a day, absorbing the knowledge as you go. Everything is explained brilliantly, the illustrations are inspirational and truly breathtaking, and, if you ask me, this is the way science should be taught in schools. We may not have colonised the Moon and Mars, in fact we're twenty years late on that front (even Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey had an Earth orbit space station up and running!) but with this excellent book, we will at least be prepared for what we find when we eventually do break free of our solar system and find our destiny in the stars! Exceptional!

Books Monthly

Space rocks. I love space. This is amazing. Lots of fun. As a space enthusiast I knew a lot of this but still some of it was super cool to learn.

NetGalley, Ruth Parker

An introductory chapter outlining the process of how the author selected these 101 facts would have added an extra dimension. Having said that, this is still a good read and there's something for all levels of space enthusiast, from young adults to more experienced readers.

BBC Sky at Night, May 2020

Definitely what it says on the title. Fascinating and with tons of facts about space that both interested and surprised me. Would recommend to fellow casual astronomy fans looking for a fun read.

NetGalley, Andy Winder

There is a lot here that makes for an interesting read for those who want to more about our planets and life in space. Occasionally, even a terrestrial fact is linked with it. You might need to re-think how intelligence dung-beetles are.

Read the full review here

SF Crowsnest

This book does exactly what it says it will -- tell interesting facts about space (many of which I didn't know). I think that students will also enjoy these facts, especially since each fact is a stand-alone chapter (so that kids can read it in parts, or skip around).

NetGalley, Janette Forman

I personally liked this little book. It contained tons of facts I'd never known about space and our universe. The photos throughout really made it an interesting read and even inspired some additional research on my part

NetGalley, Rachel Paul

This was a great book. I loved the pictures and the way complex topics were explained in a way that even a layman like me would understand.

Definitely recommended.

NetGalley, Priya Jain

I consider myself a space junkie: in the sense that I am a space-lover, astronomy and astrophysics enthusiast ( I do not get that high to be able to reach stars neither physically nor mentally). I absolutely love learning about space and the universe and this compact little curiousity book has satisfied my mind and soul. Expectations met, I have learnt some very interesting facts and finished the book with a content sigh.

NetGalley, Gizem Uzan

This does what it says on the tin and is all the better for it.

Having a passing interest in all things space and the universe, this was a hugely enjoyable read and the perfect format for the casual/interested reader.

The facts are explained in detail but also in a way that is easy to understand and take no more than 2-3 pages each. You just marvel at what is around us and indeed what mankind has done in its brief history.

A lot of the facts are absolutely mind blowing and at times you have to remind yourself that this is a non fiction book, such is the wonder and majesty of our universe.

I read this on kindle but the ideal format is print. There are images accompanying each fact and although they work on kindle, they really need to be seen in their full colour glory.

If you even have a passing interest in space, the universe and science then this is the ideal book to get. Its ideal as a knowledge base or equally as a coffee table book that can be picked up dipped into and admired time and time again.

NetGalley, Adrian Dooley

Stunning images and bite size information make this book the perfect coffee table read for a scientifically minded person. I feel like it should also be good to get kids and teens more interested in space stuff - the curious facts and beautiful photos would be attractive to a younger reader (at least I wish I had a book like that lying around when I was younger!)

The facts are really interesting and there is quite a lot of info about each one (about a page of text, sometimes more). Some of them are more widely known (such as about the astronauts' footprints staying on the moon for thousands of years and why that happens), but others are quite new and wild (such as how Neptune may have seas of liquid diamond floating around or the volcanoes on Mars and how huge they are). Some facts will make you think, even philosophize (black holes are not... holes. Light particles take years and years and years to get out of the sun, and why this happens.) Some facts are something you may have been wondering about for a while now (like why does the moon seem so huge only when it's coming up in the night sky, but then seems to shrink to its normal size when it's in its normal spot?) And some facts are about how things are constantly misrepresented in movies (steaming hot meteorites and astronauts dying instantly when exposed to the space void.) All of this info was incredibly interesting, plus photos of the night sky, Hubble star snapshots or pictures from astronaut travels were a wonderful addition to the info.

I can definitely recommend this book!

NetGalley, Evelina (avalinah, AvalinahsBooks)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Well written with great facts, this book will delight any one from young adult up to any age. This book inspires the wonder of the cosmos with pictures full of informative detail and color. Even better is that this book neither dumbs it down nor overwhelms with complexity. It's just that well written. Well done, I highly recommend this book.

NetGalley, Willy Marz

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This book has completely blown my mind! I couldn't put it down and have read the whole book in a day!
This book contains so many interesting and fascinating facts about space that I never knew and have never come across before!
The photography that coincides with it is fantastic too!
I found this book easy to understand and so I absorbed the information alot better than some books with information.
I will be getting this in hardback when it is released for my daughter and my class at school as they will all love it!

NetGalley, Natalie Horman

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I loved this book! The facts are so interesting and well explained so almost everyone ( I say this depending on the age of the reader) can understand even the most complex theories. The pictures are stunning and help visualize concepts. I will probably be purchasing this book for my classroom.

NetGalley, Sarah Tondra

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I like to read about physics and astronomy.
Ant whenever any news related to Nasa or Spacex comes in news media, I wonder how fast we are gaining new insights into deep corners of universe.
This book is everything a science fan desires to hold in his hand.
It tells 101 interesting, solid, captivating facts about space with a enjoyable story linked to its discovery.
Their are lots of new things to know like lakes of Europa, shrinking venus, color of sun and many such amazing facts.
Few things are well known to general public like cosmic radiation, black holes, dark side of the moon but their are many new things worth pondering upon.
Best thing are amazing pictures with each fact.
A wonderful experience while reading non complicated astronomy book.

NetGalley, Amit Verma
 Mark Thompson

About Mark Thompson

Mark is an astronomer, broadcaster, author and all round science fan. At the age of ten he saw Saturn through a telescope which ignited a passion inside him, a passion that has grown steadily ever since. Since those early days, Mark has inspire millions of viewers to get out and enjoy the night sky through his role as a presenter on the RTS nominated show BBC Stargazing LIVE. His passion for reaching out to a new audience has found him working on The One Show, the Alan Titchmarsh Show, This Morning and more recently Good Morning Britain. He is also a regular face on BBC Breakfast and Five News and a regular voice on Radio Five Live.
When not working on TV or radio shows, he is most likely to be writing about science and space having now published nine books, with more in the pipeline, or performing his sell out theatre show “Spectacular Science” at theatres up and down the country.
In 2018 his local university, the University of East Anglia awarded Mark an honorary doctorate for his work in science outreach.

US astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto

18th February 1930

US astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto

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