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US Marine Corps Uniforms and Equipment in World War II (ePub)

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By Jim Moran
Frontline Books
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ISBN: 9781526710437
eBook Released: 25th September 2018


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The United States Marine Corps was one of the phenomena of the Second World War. Greatly expanded from its pre-war order of battle of scattered defence battalions, overseas garrisons and ship detachments, it became a multi-division force bearing the brunt of the hardest fighting across the whole vast expanse of the Pacific theatre of operations. In August 1942 Marines were among the first to strike back at the Japanese in the jungles of Guadalcanal; Marine Raider battalions were formed to carry the fight to the enemy; and from the Central Solomon's landings of mid-1943 it was the Marines who spearheaded the 'island – hopping' amphibious campaign which brought them to Okinawa, on Japan's doorstep, by VJ-Day. This epic story has been well documented in most respects – except one: the uniforms, insignia and personal equipment of the Marines who fought their way across the Pacific. Authoritative, illustrated reference works of this important aspect of World War II's physical history have been notoriously lacking. In this book, long-time collector and researcher Jim Moran fills the gap, with a systematic, detailed guide illustrated with more than 300 photographs, including some 200 close-ups of surviving items in private collections on both sides of the Atlantic. The author covers service and field uniforms at the outbreak of war; the development of the Marine's ‘dungaree's’; the introduction and development of the camouflage uniforms which became the Marine's trademark in the popular imagination; the ‘782 gear’ webbing equipment; the various packs and other load-carrying items; the uniforms, insignia and equipment special to the elite Marine Raiders and Paramarines; the uniforms and accoutrements of the US Marine Corps Women's Reserve; and a range of issue and personal small kit items which collectors may encounter. His research is supported by some 100 wartime photographs showing the identified item in use. Assisted and encouraged by the US Marine Corps Historical Center at Quantico, Virginia, Jim Moran has produced an essential reference for the collector, modeller, illustrator and uniform historian.

U.S. Marine Corps Uniforms and Equipment in World War II is a valuable guide for identifying both standard and specialized Marine uniforms and equipment in photographs, museum collections, and for private interests. Moran’s work offers a solid snapshot of Marines in training and combat during the Second World War. The work is well deserving of the respect it has from the National Museum of the Marine Corps, and will continue to be a useful reference tool for the foreseeable future.

The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord, 2018 – reviewed by Charles Ross Patterson II Yorktown, Virginia

As featured 'On The Shelf'

Wargames Illustrated, April 2019

This is a welcome return of a classic reference which is ideal for anyone with an interest in the history of the US Marine Corps, and an ideal reference for the figure modeller and for re-enactors.

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Military Model Scene, Robin Buckland

The ineluctable James Moran has created a U.S. Marine classic. If you're a military buff or just enjoy great history, this is it. The Marines and author Moran will not let you down.

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Patrick Brent, Founder and Director of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

An essential work within our personal documentary library.

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Jose Manuel Rico Cortes

This book is well suited to a wide variety of readership. Whether re-enactor, uniform /
equipment / insignia collector, historian, museum curator or Marine Corps buff. Each
will find useful segments and the book give an excellent coverage to the topic. For those
interested in the Marine Corps this book is simply critical and essential reading.

Dr Stuart C Blank - Military Archive Research

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BBC Radio Sheffield with presenter Rony Robinson, 10th October 2018

As featured 'ON THE SHELF'

Wargames Illustrated, June 2018

The ineluctable James Moran has created a U.S. Marine classic. If you're a military buff or just enjoy great history, this is it. The Marines and author Moran will not let you down.
Americans now properly appreciate these heroes; who are represented in author Moran’s fine uniform history edition.

Amazingly, we now have a record of these Leatherneck uniforms for all to study and appreciate. Marines are different. Leatherencks take care of our proud uniforms, and Marines are always on the search out for a "Russian rope"or an "Irish pennant" that would make our appearance less than perfect. Perfection is the hallmark of Marines, and their uniform pride. At Marine Barracks, hidden strips of duct tape and special belts strive for an impeccable showing at each and every world class Friday evening parade.

Wearing these exceptional uniforms portraying different eras in Corps history from our first landing to the jungles of Guadalcanal and on to the miserable and lonely climes in which we Marines now fight. This work tells that story. It is classic.

Marine General Lejeune / luh jern would be proud of Jim Moran's exceptional effort. The thirteenth commandant was dressed in many of these classic uniforms ...… perhaps even ones with Chesty Puller buttons .
One grand historical effort and a great read, and the United States Marine Corps will be grateful.

Semper Fidelis & God bless all Leathernecks !

P. T. Brent, Hawaii

Patrick Brent
 Jim Moran

About Jim Moran

Jim Moran is a Yorkshireman who has pursued a career as a civil engineering surveyor working on major projects, both in the UK and overseas.

Jim is an expert on the history of the United States Marine Corps and a member of many US Marine associations. He has assisted Hollywood productions on uniform and equipment details including Flags of our Fathers, The Pacific (HBO mini-series) and Windtalkers.

His numerous published works include US Marine Corps Uniforms and Equipment in World War 2 and US Marine Corps Women's Reserve - They are Marines (both Front Line Books, 2018) for which he was awarded the Julia E. Hamblet award in 2019 by the Women Marines Association.

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