Pen & Sword Aviation is one of the company's largest imprints. By teaming up with some of the worlds leading aviation experts we are able to offer an unrivalled list of aviation publications. Many of our titles include stunning colour photographs and our colour profiles are now world renowned. We cover the first flights of early aviation pioneers right through to modern day conflicts and unmanned aircraft.

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An interesting book that covers training, tactics and operations and the details of life at a dangerous time.


Stella Pixton is the author of that great man and was born in the 1930s. She has 'ghosted' this account of her father's life until the end of WWI and the narrative is written in the first person. It is not made clear whether the source material was written or oral, but he detail is amazing. Every stage in Pixton's early career is covered and the pages are littered with the names of famous early aviators and anecdotes about them. Required reading for anyone wishing to learn about the pioneering days of British aviation in the years before the Great War

Cross & Cockade International

This book can be simply described as “All that you wanted to know about the RR Pegasus”. It is a book that required a huge and wide research work indeed on the Hawker/BAE, RR and Bristol archives and generally speaking it is also a wonderful journey through the long and troubled history of the V/STOL flight. Author Andrew Dow (known as George to all his RR’s colleagues) worked for Bristol and then for Rolls Royce for near 30 years and this stands out clearly from the rich and detailed story of the people involved in the remarkable feat of design, develop and produce one of the most revolutionary engines in the aviation history. His vision ”from the inside” produced an authoritative and surely competent work but also a very readable one. All the intricacies connected with the development of this remarkable engine (the one that made possible the only real operational and successful V/STOL combat aircraft in the form of the HARRIER and its derivatives AV-8B and SEA HARRIER) are.. Read more

Marco de Montis, JP4-Aeronautica

If you are looking for a fighting chance of understanding any battle or campaign it is essential to view the battlefield from both sides. In this case, the battlefield is the airspace over Germany. This book is a well researched, well illustrated and therefore, comprehensive account of the air war over the Third Reich. A recommended read for those interested in the Bomber offensive in particular.

The Eagle (Journal of the Glider Pilot Regiment)

As seen in the East Lindsey Target.

East Lindsey Target