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Pen & Sword Aviation is one of the company's largest imprints. By teaming up with some of the worlds leading aviation experts we are able to offer an unrivalled list of aviation publications. Many of our titles include stunning colour photographs and our colour profiles are now world renowned. We cover the first flights of early aviation pioneers right through to modern day conflicts and unmanned aircraft.

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This book will obviously appeal to an Australian and New Zealand audience, but I also found it to be of more general appeal, providing a look at an interesting cross-section of Fighter Command's pilots, as well as the way in which the Anzacs integrated into both the wartime RAF and Britain.

History of War

The author...has admirably handled a wealth of information to capture an element of the First World War that could be overlooked in this centenary year...Superb photos accompany the accounts.

Blackmore Vale Magazine

Norman Franks is one of the reliable historians we are lucky to have and he pops up here with a genuinely charming and engaging photo album of the Great War aces. ... This is a wonderful book. As ever, the accompanying text does the business in support of a genuinely beautiful collection of portraits and snaps of aces from across the conflict.

War History Online

Gordon Thorburn examines the squadron's history, including the story of the men and women of the RAF's senior bomber squadron.

Royal Air Force News

In the mid-1800s, Britain led the scientific and industrial development that the Industrial Revolution had produced. Aviation was a branch that result in innovative designs that foresaw the future but after the successful gliders and experimental power plants, interest seemed to wane. France, Germany and the USA pressed on and were flying powered and controllable aircraft in the early years of the twentieth century. This book looks into this odd hiatus and on to the revival of interest. Many designs were developed, some actually worked. Apart from individual schemes, the Government began to invest in aircraft and set up the factory at Farnborough that was intended to find types that could provide the Army with adequate aircraft. This is an interesting look at the people who transformed the aeronautical business, with all the inevitable squabbles and political interference that resulted.

Air-Britain Aeromilitaria