A well-compiled volume, with plans, diagrams and pictures of the two ships that are very well known to English readers, the BIMARCK and the TIRPITZ. An interesting book which represents good value for money to all battleship enthusiasts.

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Anyone needing a source book on these three German pocket battleships need look no further than this.

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As with the earlier Rif Winfield volumes in this series, the book is beautifully produced to a very high quality and design level [and is] copiously illustrated. Very far from being just a 'list of ships', this large and impressive volume is a mine of information which will enable anyone interested to follow up a casual reference to any warship of this period as well as providing a solid core of information on which to base further study. 'British Warships in the Age of Sail 1817-1863' constitutes an essential work of reference for any researcher, maritime historian or serious student of the naval ships of the Great Britain of the 19th century. We send our congratulations to Rif Winfield for his great achievement in concluding this four-part series that has added so much to the field of maritime historical scholarship.

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I found Beware Raiders! to be a highly informative and captivating account of the very different careers of the two ships, HK 33 Pinguin and Admiral Hipper. Bernard Edwards does an excellent job of focusing in on the human side of the story, providing personal details and information about the captains, their crews, as well as the opposing crews they faced on their victims. Some of the accounts would strain credibility if they were to take place today in terms of the ‘chivalry of the sea’ that was practiced between the combatants and overall the story presented is a gripping one of how the war at sea was fought in the early stages. The pace of the writing and the organization of the different events moves things along easily and makes for a very entertaining read at the same time. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in WW II naval history or even just looking to learn a little bit more about this not often talked about but important component of the battle to control the.. Read more

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An interesting look at a Merchant Service that only in recent years has had some of the recognition they deserved, and a good picture of what life was like serving in convoys, relying on the escorting warships to keep them safe.

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