This new 335 page book is everything you would want form a modeller's point of view - it's packed with photographs and plans of all the German battlecruisers, including those that were not completed or only reached the project stage. All in all, I can't recommend this book highly enough - it's right up there with the like of R.A. Burt and Norman Friedman and you'll have to go a long way to find a better publication.

IPMS - Battleship Special Interest Group

Well-written and informative

Military Modelling

A unique and atmospheric record

Julian Stockwin

Former shipmaster Bernard Edwards has a fine pedigree in producing insightful accounts of the Merchant Navy at war, and his latest title is an excellent examination of the most testing conflict that British merchant ships have faced. Bernard Edwards writes fluently, with well-drawn descriptions of the key events, and the book uses contemporary accounts - including Donitz's - to convey the stark reality of the war at sea in a powerful and dramatic way which emphasises the initially one-sided nature of the remorseless attacks on the convoys.

Nautilus International Telegraph

Following on from 2012's Volume One, this new book provides comprehensive coverage of the Kriegsmarine's warships in the second half of the war. For a modeller building one of these vessels, this book must be the most useful and authoritative source. Highly recommended.

Marine Modelling International