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True Crime

Our True Crime imprint began with our well known and loved Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths series, which covers fascinating local true crime accounts from all over the country, dating as far back as the 1800's.

More recently we have expanded out to more general true crime titles, books that dig deeper into the criminal mind. Covering a wide range of crime, murders, hangings, Serial Killers, detectives, and the ever expanding Foul Deeds series, these titles will thrill anyone with an interest in this genre of book.

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Perhaps the most hunted killer of all time is Jack the Ripper, namely because the identity of the Whitechapel murderer has eluded the best manhunters since the 1880's and has created a cottage industry of speculation and finger pointing. The list of suspects runs the gamut from the royal family of England to lunatics of all stripe and national origin, insane doctors, incompetent midwives, policemen and bad lawyers (or barristers, as they are known in Great Britain). Conspiracy theories abound and interpretation of the facts have crossed over into pure imagination. In Quest for a Killer, Mr. Trow present a rational reexamination of the case,using modern forensic techniques and profiling of the list of known suspects, including a previously unknown one. In doing so, he destroys the conspiracy theories, outlines a new motive for the killings and proves the Ripper killed seven women, not five as everyone is led to believe. His suspect, for which he presents a solid, sane case, is Robert Mann,.. Read more

The Past in Review

A compilation of new research into forgotten areas of British history, from a former director of technology at the National Archives. It includes stories of historical scams, cheats and forgeries, providing a fresh insight on criminal history and schemes.

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