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Military DVDs

Battlefield History TV

Pen and Sword Digital and Battlefield History TV formed their partnership in 2008 to provide customers with a wide variety of specialist programmes presented by well-known battlefield historians and qualified guides. The subjects they cover in detail are the First and Second World Wars, The Waterloo Campaign and Peninsular War and they even go back as far as the Dark Ages. Each DVD will be of interest to military enthusiasts, wargamers, battlefield tourists, re-enactment groups, students of particular battles or campaigns and military modellers.

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The photography, ariel and ground level is striking... The DVD demonstrates the hardships and bloodshed of siege warfare in the Peninsula very well.

Casemate Publishers

This is another outstanding DVD in the First World War Series by Pen and Sword... An exceptionally good account of these early battles.

Dr Stuart C Blank: Military Archive Research

This DVD will appeal to a wide audience, not least because of the success of the fictional 'Sharpe' stories and television feature-length films. ... Another outstanding DVD.


This is an excellent video, based on thorough research and presented by a team that has developed its own unique and authoritative style. The video is well lit and edited to provide a smooth presentation of a very complex subject, capturing the human elements of the story. A video not to be missed.


The BHTV team have captured the drama of Le Cateau, the acts of great bravery and determination in the face of great odds, and an outcome that was far more than could be reasonably hoped for. Another excellent addition to the WWI DVD portfolio.