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British History

Fascinating account.

Guernsey Press and Star

My first encounter with the mighty King Edward I was during childhood holidays to North Wales where I followed my father around some of the most stunning castles in the British Isles. I later followed this up by reading Michael Prestwich’s biography of the fearsome ‘Longshanks’. There is always room in the history market for new ideas and interpretation of already well researched subjects and David Santiuste has brought Edward’s wars against the Scots back into the limelight with his well researched and lucidly written new book. It is now twenty years since the Mel Gibson film, Braveheart, hit the cinemas. Although full of historical inaccuracies it was a tremendous romp through some of the events covered by this book. But for those who would like to know the true stories behind the characters of Wallace, Balliol, Murray and Bruce this is an excellent book to obtain. It shows Edward’s strengths and weaknesses, a man already in his 40’s before the matter of Scotland became prominent.. Read more

Chris Heath, author of Denby & District

A valuables source for people wishing to learn more about this fascinating time. Moreover, as ever with Peter Hammond's books, there is a delicious amount of detail that helps to fill in anyone's knowledge gaps.

Medieval Warfare Magazine

A welcome addition to the literature that is available on the subject. It also stands out for putting the circus performances in a wider social context and anybody new to the world of circus, once they read it, will be looking for more.

Tim Roberts, National Centre for Circus Arts

An interesting and explorative read for those who are not familiar with this age, a fundamental companion and precious source to every passionate student of Renaissance warfare.

Medieval Warfare Magazine