Eastern Front

An excellent read and a good book for tank enthusiasts.

The Armourer

This excellent book deals with the real life stories of veterans of the Great Patriotic War (1941-45). This account is not a 'flag waving' stories of how great the Soviet Union was, but to the point, gritty and realistic. If the Eastern Front and the Soviet Army is your interest, this book will speak volumes.

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy

Between 1941 and 1944, in the war on the Eastern front, Soviet partisans fought a ruthless campaign behind the German lines. Yet their exploits are are frequently overlooked in general histories of the conflict.

Scale Military Modelling Monthly

Vasiliy Pavlovich Bryukhov's vivid, detailed and gripping memoir of his wartime service gives a fascinating and authentic insight. An accurate, unsentimental record of the day-to-day life of a tankman. Graphic first-hand account of tank warfare on the Eastern Front. Accurate depiction of small-scale, lethal clashes with enemy tanks and anti-tank guns.

OCAD Militaria Collectors Resources

Operation Barbarossa brings together a truly wonderful collection of images from the first months of madness of Hitler’s bonkers Barbarossa. The photographs are all entirely new to me, and the pleasure of browsing the pages is something you can enjoy again and again. There is absolutely nothing to criticise about this book from first to last and I would imagine it would offer inspiration to re-enactors and model makers alike. The captions are excellent. The quality of reproduction is first class and the range of subject matter, broken down into infantry, armour, vehicles, artillery and so on, is so good that it could go on forever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. My favourite chapter is the one for Soviet armour, inevitably showing abandoned or destroyed vehicles. The lumbering KV2s are my favourites, a link to Tamiya kits of a bygone youth. It brings on smiles and memories of a silly afternoon shooting a lot of knackered tank models up with a BB gun when it was time to put away “childish.. Read more