True Crime Books

Our True Crime imprint began with our well known and loved Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths series, which covers fascinating local true crime accounts from all over the country, dating as far back as the 1800's.

More recently we have expanded out to more general true crime titles, books that dig deeper into the criminal mind. Covering a wide range of crime, murders, hangings, Serial Killers, detectives, and the ever expanding Foul Deeds series, these titles will thrill anyone with an interest in this genre of book.

A compilation of new research into forgotten areas of British history, from a former director of technology at the National Archives. It includes stories of historical scams, cheats and forgeries, providing a fresh insight on criminal history and schemes.

Daily Express

The first full-length biography on Caminada... brings to life not just his own work but the wider world of crime and society in Manchester...

Your Family Tree

Every serving and retired copper has a tale to tell. Unfortunately, training and mind-set causes most of them to produce their story in a staccato and semi-official style which, although clearly relating the facts, serves mainly to cause the reader early evening drowsiness and, ultimately, disinterest! Not so with Kirby's tales. I started reading his police reports forty years ago, have now transferred my attention/allegiance to his books, and can say without fear of contradiction that his ability to turn official and rigid details into readable, interesting and 'arresting' dialogue, marks him out as one who refused to identify with other 'police' authors. The Scourge of Soho accurately recounts events of the early 60's when strip and clip joints in the West End of London caused severe headaches to law enforcement agencies, and financial embarrassment to the gullible customers who innocently crossed their thresh-holds. Legislation to halt the level of street prostitution had driven that.. Read more

Don Gibson

As Ealing Borough Archivist and Local History Librarian, Jonathan Oates is in the perfect spot to poke into grisly crimes and murders. This reassessment uses police and Home Office files within a compelling insight into Christie's life and crimes.

Buckinghamshire Life

Scott on the trial of brutal killers. They are murders most horrid, and most mysterious too. Step forward, Scott C Lomax – architect by day, writer by night and seeker of truth and justice by his own appointment. He's just released a book, Unsolved Murders In South Yorkshire, charting the regions most notorious cold cases. And, while the blood, guts and police cock-ups come thick and fast, he hopes it will be more than just an interesting read for fans of true crime.

The Star (Doncaster) & Sheffield Telegraph