The horrors and sacrifices of the First World War are deeply engrained in the national psyche - as we approach the centenary its echoes sound louder than ever. The four years between 1914 – 1918 irrevocably changed the lives of its participants and each subsequent generation, right up to the present day. One hundred years later and the themes are still familiar – unrest in the Balkans, unification of Europe, the rise and fall of nation states.

Pen & Sword Books have an unrivalled list of Great War titles covering the tragic yet often glorious events of ‘the war to end all wars’. These describe, often in the words of participants, combat on the ground, in the trenches, as well as in the air and at sea. We have a superb range battlefield guide books, memoirs and descriptive historical accounts by expert authors. Our comprehensive list of Great War titles provide an excellent insight into this most complex, and affecting, of conflicts.

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Britain at War

This is a nicely constructed book, and an excellent read that is also illustrated by a fine set of interesting photographs... If one wanted to read a single book that gave a detailed history of the campaign in one work then this would probably be it... No hesitation in recommending this book highly.

Britain at War

The book is a detailed, graphic and controversial history of one of the bloodiest battles of World War One. It tells the story of General Gough and the Battle of Bullecourt in 1917, and reveals how this disastrous engagement created a lasting rift between the British and Australians.

Sidmouth Herald

The author has established a reputation for finely drawn reviews of 'small wars' and this new book is a worthy addition to his portfolio. The territories at the south end of the Suez canal were very important to the British communications between the home country and the huge colonial areas East of Suez. This was particularly true in the age of sail and the early age of steam when a safe base in the area was important for vessels coming round Cape of Good Hope and then through the Suez canal when it opened. The author traces the long period of colonial rule and its ending during the dash from Empire that followed the end of WWII. It was a period where the US and the USSR both put pressure on the British Empire, the USSR as part of its plan for world domination and the US as part of its plan to take over markets previously enjoyed by Britain and its Empire. A well written account, illustrated by an interesting photo plate section.


The accounts collected here are very varied, covering a wide range of combat experiences )from bitter nights trapped between the lines to the periods of open warfare) and attitudes (one memorable contributor, writing in 1917, was quite willing to admit to a less than dedicated attitude to many duties!).

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