World War Two Aviation

The author has covered the full story of the deep sea attack capabilities and operations of Coastal Command and made a very good job of it. This is an enjoyable and very informative book for all those interested in maritime warfare and aviation. Highly recommended.


The author has produced a fine account of the operations of the Mighty 8th, two fine photo plate sections, crisp and well-researched text and a comprehensive review of the subject makes this a highly desirable book on the air war in Europe. It will also be appreciated by those Americans who come to Europe to visit the old airfields and other remains of the battle members of their family fought in.


This book contains some rare photographs of the Coastal Command aircraft and crew and their quarry, the U-boats and their crews. This is a great book. It tells an under-told story well, and it is not only applicable to enthusiasts, but a very useful introduction for the new reader of air war books.


The story of one of the most heroic fighter aces of the Second World War, Air Commodore Peter Brothers, has been brought to life in this gripping new book. The story of his career is incredibly entertaining, featuring a number of hair-raising episodes and is sure to prove a welcome addition to the library of any discerning enthusiast.

Lancashire Living Magazine.

This is an outstanding book that charts the exploits of the leading Luftwaffe fighter aces. ... If you want to know more about these highest scoring fighter aces then there is no need to look any further as you have just found the best reference work on the subject!

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