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World War Two Aviation

A fascinating book.

Aviation Book Reviews

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The Gravesend Reporter

Last of the Lancasters is a pleasure to read, and a large part of this is due to how well-paced it is. The anecdotes and experiences are short, to the point, and contain a minimum of the self-indulgent waffle that regularly plagues books of this type. As a result, everything feels easy to digest, and so you actually feel that you’re learning from Last of the Lancasters without even trying – there’s no wodges of statistics and bumpf here! ... Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in WWII aviation.

Suppressing Fire

Another new title in the very popular Images of War series from Pen and Sword books. Based around a fine collection of archive photos, including one or two showing the crumbling remains of old airfield buildings, this does what the title describes, and links together the daylight bombing of the USAF with the night bombing of the RAF. Hence the mix is of people and equipment from a wide cross section of those involved, as well as some aerial pictures of their targets. Accompanied by some interesting memories of those who remember their wartime experiences, it doesn't try to retell the chronological sequence of events, but the various elements that mixed together to add life to the story. These are highlighted by the various sections in the book, with The Hardware, showing the bombers and fighters involved, as well as the Country Folk, where the arrival of so many new airfields and new people had an impact on the local areas where they were based. Then there is Dinghy, Dinghy, and where.. Read more

Military Modelling

Very well illustrated throughout.

Military Modelling