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World War Two Aviation

I really enjoyed reading more about a fascinating aircraft and how it was operated, plus the bonus of all those historic archive aerial reconnaissance photos which are now shared for us all to see. Alongside many of them are some modern arial shots in colour to compare with how things looked 70 years ago.

Military Modelling

An interesting book, full of information...

Black & Asian Studies Association

Excellent. Highly recommended.

British Military History website

Jagdgeschwader 26 was probably the most famous of the Luftwaffe's fighter units. This is a useful account giving the view from the other side.


Dr Nigel Warwick has written the definitive history of the Regiment in South-East Asia Command from 1942 to 1945 by skilfully linking official documents with personal experiences to produce a vivid and readable account of what has often been described as a forgotten war. His book is a major contribution to the record of the Regiment's wartime history and deserves to be studied by all members of the Corps, whether serving or retired, to appreciate how much their predecessors achieved in what was probably the most demanding operational theatre of the Second World War. It is highly recommended as an outstanding example of what a military history should be.

Kingsley Oliver, Centurion: The Journal of the Royal Air Force Regiment