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Serial Killers: Butchers and Cannibals (Paperback)

P&S History > British History P&S History > True Crime > Jack the Ripper World History > UK & Ireland > England > London

By Nigel Blundell
Imprint: Pen & Sword True Crime
Pages: 176
Illustrations: 32 black and white illustrations
ISBN: 9781526764409
Published: 20th November 2019
Last Released: 9th June 2021



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Serial Killers: Butchers and Cannibals ePub (757.8 KB) Add to Basket £4.99

Mass murder is awful enough. But some serial killers not only embark on slaying to slake their perverted pleasures but enjoy the mutilation of their victims bodies and sometimes also revert to cannibalism.

The simple act of slaying would sicken most people. Yet that is not sufficient a thrill for those who find the excitement begins once their victims are dead. Cutting up corpses is, of course, one way of disposing of the evidence. But here we examine the butchers who dismember for pleasure.

They are monsters like Andrei Chikatilo, the so-called Rostov Ripper, who tortured, murdered, chopped up and sometimes cannibalised as many as 50 victims. Or they can be quite unassuming perverts like Dennis Nilsen, whose London house of horrors so overflowed with body parts that they blocked the drains.

There is nothing new about this, the sickest side of homicide, of course. The most famous serial killer of all was Jack the Ripper and butchering maniacs have been slashing their bloody path through history ever since.

Good book of crimes committed against other human beings. This book is well written, but not for the faint of heart or squeamish people. I went and read more books from this author.

NetGalley, V NUNEZ

I love true Crime books and this book really scared me, it was chilling reading about these killers it was scary that these things can happen that people can do such horrible crazy things,
This book was very well written and researched.. with a lot of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the killers.

NetGalley, River Scott-Tyler

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I found this book to be very informative and enjoyed reading it. Not only does the book describe the actions of the killers in fantastic detail, it also gives a glimpse into the psyche of these killers and possible motives for them to have committed these crimes. Cannibalism is seen as one of the few crimes that is even more despicable than murder, though this may be because cannibalism is just murder with extra steps, so being able to get into the minds of these people and motives behind these brutal slayings was something that I found greatly enjoyable, as macabre as that sounds. Besides the content itself, Blundell has a way of weaving the facts into a narrative web that keeps the reading from feeling like less of a book and more of an academic paper. Overall, I found the book very enjoyable, and may even buy a physical copy for myself in the future.

NetGalley, Morgan Young

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A great book with a lot of information and detail about some of the world's worst cannibals/butchers. It was very informative and well written and one I would highly recommend.

NetGalley, Meggan Turner

'Serial Killers: Butchers and Cannibals' is not exactly a fun read, but it is thrilling. Blundell collects a whole range of disturbed and violent characters in this book, many of which have been infamous for years. What I did appreciate is that Blundell's book looks further than just the US, bringing us the 'Terminator' and 'The Vampire of Hanover'.

Blundell usually plunges you right into the action, whether that action is in the middle of a murder or during their trial, before retracing the killers' origins. There is, of course, a lot of trauma in this book, but for those interested in True Crime it is a useful reference book.

NetGalley, Juli Rahel

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A gory tale of Murder and Mayhem! Perfectly crafted for the lover of true crime and serial killers!

This in-depth book covers serial killers who are well known and some that you may not be familiar with. The entire book is a gore-fest, filled with facts, the details of the crimes, and what made these serial killers tick. This book was beyond amazing and completely went above and beyond the expectations that I had for it.

I have never read anything by Nigel Blundell, but this won't be the last! I enjoyed his writing style, the blunt honesty and the information that was provided. This book will be a hit!

NetGalley, Rebecca Hill

This book was extremely well researched. Also very descriptive. If you don't want to read about gore this is not the book for you. It's very detailed, I really appreciate all the research that went into this.

NetGalley, Tanya Dyck

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Being a fan of true crime novels, I liked the fact this book covered several and not just one well known case. This was quite an intriguing read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this genre.

NetGalley, Jamie Rincker

Even though I am a fan of true crime and have read quite a bit in the genre, this book included stories that I had never heard of. It was very well researched and filled with facts.... A well written, quick read it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

NetGalley, Vonda Svara

When I was in my teens and twenties, I had a fascination with serial killers. I wanted to know how their minds worked. Why they were able to commit such heinous acts without remorse.

This book was very informative. I did have to put the book down multiple times. Violence personified, put me on overload if I did not take a breather.

I no longer have that fascination with serial killers, but I am still very much fascinated with the human mind. All in all, I like the book, informative and straight to the point.

NetGalley, Amy Corkins

Awesome book for people who like these types of things, could be disturbing for some but not the kind of people who are going to pick this book up. Loved that their was some stories I have never head of before.

NetGalley, Amber Garuccio

I love true crime and especially devour books on serial killers, but this had to be the most graphic in descriptions of the crimes and the cannibalism.

I did read about cases I had never heard of before which was entertaining. It’s very well researched but not for the faint of heart. Just be prepared and don’t read when you are alone at night.

NetGalley, Anovelqueen C

I’ve read many accounts on serial killers and their crimes, however this is probably the most graphic, toe curling, hair raising one of them all. Although the title and description lets you know what you’re in for, I would still advise to proceed with caution. I’ve also read lots of case studies on Jack The Ripper but this covered aspects I’ve never heard before which was interesting when revisiting the case. This also introduced me to a number of serial killers I hadn’t come across before which surprised me. The writing style is very enjoyable and the cases are easy to follow.

NetGalley, Ellie Cobbold

If you're interested in true crime novels you'll find Serial Killers: Butchers and Cannibals a solid informative read.

NetGalley, Klynn Abe

Wow! Not one for the faint hearted as it is very graphic with some of the worst crimes I have ever read about.

However, I really enjoyed it as a fan of true crime books, shows and podcasts. For someone who does read a lot about these types of things I was surprised to come across so many that I had never heard of before, especially as the crimes were so horrifying.

As I said, this book is not for the faint hearted but if like me, you have an interest in true crime and a strong stomach you will really enjoy it. The author has done a fab job ad I will be looking out for other books by them.

NetGalley, Natalie Gardner

I really liked this book, it was very informative.

NetGalley, Naomi Downing


I have really enjoyed this one and highly recommend it to other readers.

NetGalley, Vikkie Wakeham

‘Because the price of meat in the shops is so expensive’ he replied. By the way of explanation, he told the detectives that he only consumed the flesh of those victims who were young and tender.’

Well what a gruesome book that was! Each chapter was a different story some who are well know and that I have read about before and a whole heap that I was not aware of.

The book is easy to read and follow along with although at times the book is extremely gory - after all it is about the most notorious serial killers who dismembered and took pleasure in eating their victims.

I found it so interesting that majority of the man and women in the stories had served time in the army, continued to kill people due to police mistakes in trying to investigate and capture them and that a lot of them died in prison of heart conditions. So many commonalities between the cases.

Overall, the book was an interesting read and if you are interested in serial killers this one is for you.

NetGalley, Jasmine Organ

I remember reading this book Serial Killers: Butchers and Cannibals when I was younger and when I saw Nigel Blundell has re-released I thought I would like to read it again as it was great read for any true crime fan. I enjoyed reading it again.

NetGalley, Nessa Thompson

If you are a fan of true crime, this one is for you.

NetGalley, Georgi Black

This book is a great read for any true crime fan. The author did a great job of including those killers that most of us have heard about, but also included several that I hadn't heard of. I found the writing to be engaging, as I finished this in a day.

NetGalley, Cristie Underwood

This was really well done! The research was thorough and accurate as far as I could tell.
This book isn't for the faint of heart, but the title alone should tell you that. The killers in this one are the worst of the worst.

NetGalley, Kali Thomas

I will admit that Serial Killers fascinate me and I love being able to catch a glimpse inside their minds to see what makes them tick, what drove them to commit the crimes they did and whether they were born with it, suffered an early trauma or just turned downright evil.

I loved the layout for this book, the chapter length was great – plenty of detail and just long enough to speak an interest to enable you to read further around some of those mentioned. I have read other books by this author and he has a great writing style, it is easy to read (even though some of the crimes this lot committed aren’t easy to read about) and it has a great natural flow to it and you can easily dip in and out of the book.

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended – I thought that it was a great read!!

Read the full review here

Donna's Book Blog

Those with an interest in true crime - and indeed, those who have watched the TV series Mindhunters - will have heard of at least some of the serial killers featured in this book. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Andrei Chikatilo, Dennis Nilsen, Richard Ramirez, Jack the Ripper and Elizabeth Bàthory are names of which most are aware. There are plenty of others here I hadn’t heard of, though, including Fritz Haarman, Gilles de Rais, Joachim Kroll, Adolfo Costanzo and Anatoly Onoprienko. While by no means an exhaustive list of serial killers, nor confined to only the most prolific, what the murderers in this collection have in common is their bloodlust. They all took sick, depraved pleasure in butchery, many of them descending to cannibalism.

If you plan to read this, make sure you have a strong stomach and don’t read while trying to eat. While the accounts don’t dwell pruriently on the gory details, neither do they shy away from revealing the nauseating truth of these appalling crimes. I read quite a bit of true crime and consider myself pretty inured to it, but due to the fairly condensed nature of these accounts, there’s an awful lot packed into this book. With 28 killers’ crimes described, the victims number not in the hundreds, but the thousands, and the crimes are among the most revolting ever recorded. It’s a confronting read, to say the least.

Read the full review here

Caitlyn Lynch

This spine chilling book immediately delves into the worlds and minds of some of the most well known and sickest murders and cannibals in our world from the very first page. All of the information that is presented in the book is in depth and will make the reader check their windows before they go to bed after reading this because of the details of how these crimes were committed and by whom. The information in this book , however, will also keep you gripped until the very last page due to the fact that it tells you all about the crimes from how they did it, who they killed and even who/who they think was the murderer, such as the case of Jack The Ripper who police suspected was Robert Mann. People who enjoy a murder mystery will enjoy this interesting book so that they can see for themselves who were the victims, who was the murderer, what happened and what was in the mind of the killer or cannibal who committed the crime. This book is an intriguing read and will not let you down once you've finished it.

Jenna (Customer Review)

From the author of its accompanying volume Serial Killers: The World's Most Evil comes this equally, if not more, disturbing collation of those most evil murderous maniacs whose twisted spin on 'fun' begins only after the death of their unsuspecting victims. Multiple murderers, butchering, mutilation and cannibalisation all rear their horrifying heads in this; the sickest side of murder most foul. Featuring the likes of Jack the Ripper - the most famous serial killer of all - this book is a 'dare to delve' among many of its predecessors of the true crime world... certainly not one for the faint-hearted, but a real page-turner if you're into examining what is behind the psychology of the world's most monstrous.

Phil T
 Nigel Blundell

About Nigel Blundell

NIGEL BLUNDELL is a journalist who has worked in the United States, Australia and Great Britain. He spent twenty-five years in Fleet Street before becoming a contributor to national newspapers and magazines. He is author of more than fifty factual books, many on crime and criminal behaviour.

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