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Pen & Sword Digital offers an array of military history documentaries made by talented filmmakers, historians, authors and battlefield guides. The selection of films cover World War I and II, the Hundred Years War and the Napoleonic War, engaging multiple sources in the drawing together of interesting stories that encapsulate the life and, sometimes, death of a soldier at war. Our DVD's also examine different technological and tactical advancements of warfare such as tanks, aviation, naval, plus trench and siege warfare.

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The DVD is loaded with archival footage from WWII surrounding Himmler and the SS. Bob Carruthers takes a look at Himmler's inner sanctum and his occultist retreat within his castle at Wewelsburg and paints a time line of the events during Himmler’s command in the Nazi regime. This DVD documentary from Pen & Sword Digital gives us an informative and interesting look into the very strange world of Heinrich Himmler, the SS and the Occult. Bob Carruthers raises some interesting questions as to how much Himmler’s obsession with the Occult actually shaped the Nazi war machine in the Second World War. Recommended.

Modelers Social Club

A quite marvellous collection of German newsreel footage documenting the Italian campaign.

Pegasus Archive

I really enjoyed watching this, and if you have an interest in seeing the story of the assault on the Pointe du Hoc, well explained by an experienced battlefield guide, and on the site itself.

Military Modelling

This is a great DVD. Everything in it is very clearly explained, and the context is very detailed, so you can see how one event leads into another very clearly. Similarly, the whole presentation is very well paced, and you feel like everything is sufficiently covered before moving onto the next part of the campaign. The location shots are great and really help immerse you in the history of both the campaign and the battle, and the footage of the historical re-enactment groups goes a long way towards acting as an “illustration” of the period. Similarly, the detailed battle plans and CG maps help explain everything very clearly, and you’re left with a good understanding of how everything fits together.

Suppressing Fire

The knowledge of the contributors is undoubted... a good DVD to watch before a trip to Normandy.

WWII Battlefields