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World War One

The horrors and sacrifices of the First World War are deeply engrained in the national psyche - as we approach the centenary its echoes sound louder than ever. The four years between 1914 – 1918 irrevocably changed the lives of its participants and each subsequent generation, right up to the present day. One hundred years later and the themes are still familiar – unrest in the Balkans, unification of Europe, the rise and fall of nation states.

Pen & Sword Books have an unrivalled list of Great War titles covering the tragic yet often glorious events of ‘the war to end all wars’. These describe, often in the words of participants, combat on the ground, in the trenches, as well as in the air and at sea. We have a superb range battlefield guide books, memoirs and descriptive historical accounts by expert authors. Our comprehensive list of Great War titles provide an excellent insight into this most complex, and affecting, of conflicts.

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Sheldon draws upon unit diaries, personal diaries and memoirs from archives in Stuttgart and Munich where many of the files had not been opened for more than 60 years. The result is a comprehensive account of the fighting at Beaumont Hamel not only on July 1, 1916 but also fighting later on in the Somme campaign when the British captured the ruined village in November.

Burton Mail

A thumbs up for me - it's the usual high quality production we've come to expect from Pen & Sword.

Paul Nixon

The author is to be roundly applauded for providing what can be considered an excellent and essential starting point for anyone interested in understanding the Great War. Concise, authoritative and well written, the reader gets a clear overall view of the war which covers all the essential background, explanations of the conduct of the war and vivid personal testimonies. With the 100th anniversary now upon us, this wok would make a fine introduction to all newcomers, but those with a lifelong interest will also find much here to add to their general store of knowledge and better understanding of the conflict. A work which is eminently worth adding to your Great War collection.

The Great War Magazine

Rawson delves into every aspect of the campaign, compiling information from various sources to discover the reasons behind each battle and the bloody consequences for all involved.

Discover Your History

This is a great book and a timely publication that gives the reader not just one bite at the cherry, but several. A few years back there was a series of VC books published and I have most of these on my bookshelves. This volume - which I hope will be the first of many - is organised in a very sensible fashion; first setting the scene where the VCs were won and then, later, re-visiting those actions and focusing on the men whose deeds earned them Britain's highest military award for valour. The vast majority of the men named here were career soldiers, members of the original BEF; the contemptible little army which faced the might of Von Kluck's army and somehow managed to fire off fifteen rounds a minute, a rate of fire so rapid that the opposing German Army thought they were facing machine gunners. In the case of Dease and Godfrey at Mons on the opening day of fighting on 23rd August 1914, they were of course. Their deeds are well relayed here as are the actions of all the subjects of.. Read more

Paul Nixon