The horrors and sacrifices of the First World War are deeply engrained in the national psyche - as we approach the centenary its echoes sound louder than ever. The four years between 1914 – 1918 irrevocably changed the lives of its participants and each subsequent generation, right up to the present day. One hundred years later and the themes are still familiar – unrest in the Balkans, unification of Europe, the rise and fall of nation states.

Pen & Sword Books have an unrivalled list of Great War titles covering the tragic yet often glorious events of ‘the war to end all wars’. These describe, often in the words of participants, combat on the ground, in the trenches, as well as in the air and at sea. We have a superb range battlefield guide books, memoirs and descriptive historical accounts by expert authors. Our comprehensive list of Great War titles provide an excellent insight into this most complex, and affecting, of conflicts.

Puts Island heroism into the context of the bloodiest war in history.

Isle of Wight County Press

Using regimental histories, diaries and an impressive selection of rare photographs, Bridger has provided the only single-volume account of this battle in English...For anyone with relatives who fought at Neuve Chapelle, they could do worse than to read this book to understand the origins, course and aftermath of that battle.

Burton Mail

Tells tales from the outbreak of war, air raids, makeshift hospitals, of conscientious objectors and even minor celebrity Brenda - the fundraising dog.

Essex Chronicle

This practical and informative handbook is an ideal guide to the struggle for the Gallipoli peninsula and the stories of the men who took part in it. Furthermore, it is a fascinating introduction to researching the Great War as a whole.

Essence Magazine

Gives a classic account of First World War tank warfare and charts how and why tanks became so vital.

East Kent Mercury