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Pen & Sword Digital offers an array of military history documentaries made by talented filmmakers, historians, authors and battlefield guides. The selection of films cover World War I and II, the Hundred Years War and the Napoleonic War, engaging multiple sources in the drawing together of interesting stories that encapsulate the life and, sometimes, death of a soldier at war. Our DVDs also examine different technological and tactical advancements of warfare such as tanks, aviation, naval, plus trench and siege warfare.

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A new and fresh perspective on aircraft and aircraft carriers, highly recommended.

Military Archive Research

This is another outstanding DVD in the First World War Series by Pen and Sword... An exceptionally good account of these early battles.

Dr Stuart C Blank: Military Archive Research

This DVD will appeal to a wide audience, not least because of the success of the fictional 'Sharpe' stories and television feature-length films. ... Another outstanding DVD.


This is an excellent video, based on thorough research and presented by a team that has developed its own unique and authoritative style. The video is well lit and edited to provide a smooth presentation of a very complex subject, capturing the human elements of the story. A video not to be missed.


This is genuinely the ultimate primary source guide to the aircraft that helped save Britain in 1940 and flew on through the war and into the times that followed victory. The three public information and training films provide a fascinating look at a great battle-winning weapon with spotting information that helps to understand the succession of Spitfire Marks that enabled it to meet newer generations of German aircraft and expand its envelope of operation.